In my career of over 20 years in the public sector, I’ve seen people go through some difficult, challenging, painful and harrowing things. I’ve seen and been a part of dignity at work processes, competency processes, grievances, redundancies, staff suspensions, criminal investigations, restructures and tribunals.

Throughout them all, I’ve held on to one thing – faith in the process. I’ve advised and counselled the struggling and the traumatised to have faith in the process.

When situations impact people’s health, it’s a difficult mantra to muster. When situations have been dire and it’s looked like the villain was going to win, even I’ve wavered. But, every processes will have been developed by a number of people and the law of averages says that within them there will have been wise, kind, logical, measured and astute good-people.

All of the processes that I’ve been involved with have resulted in reasonableness, logic and fairness winning out in the end.

If you’re involved in developing People Processes, my advice is to write it for those people that will be relying on it for their career and hanging on for dear life.

Repay their faith in you well!