My day has been fraught with frustration, and in writing this evening’s blog, it’s been difficult to pin down what exactly has frustrated me, but here are my thought and reflections…

  1. Call It: Recognise and name every thought and feeling. Call it out and park it, then move on and do something more productive and positive.
  2. COVID: I’m tired of the impact and the illness and the injustice. I’m tired of the inequality and isolation. Going nowhere and doing nothing is exhausting. You too?
  3. Communication: talking about the important or the insignificant is an equally delightful escape. Instigate a conversation if there isn’t one planned.
  4. Challenge: do more than eat, work and sleep. Find the challenge, set the challenge, revel in the achievement. Do more today than you did yesterday.
  5. Contribution: work out what you can do to contribute to self-care and the care of others. Volunteer, help, give, donate, share. We can all do something, no matter how small.

Moving from frustration to fulfilment isn’t easy right now. Revel in the small steps and enjoy the little things every single day. Move your perspective to shift your emotions. We may still have a long way to go.

Keep going!