Best practice or good practice?

What is your preference?

I once had a manager that referred to good practice because he said that good could always get better. I like that and I understand it

These days I’m hearing the phrase best practice far more frequently. But, in reflecting on the phrase, after reading Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game, I think I’m leaning towards good again.

Best has a sense of destination to it. I’ve googled it and the phrase ‘successful outcome’ is used to describe it. Good is described as ‘high standard’.

When we consider high quality and excellence, good doesn’t sound quite enough and best sounds too final, though. So maybe we should consider a whole new phrase altogether?

What about Exemplary Practice? It suggests a practice able to be shared with others with possibilities of learning and dissemination. Google defines it as very good and a model of practice. Very good can always be better

Maybe I’ll become the bastion of Exemplary Practice and a champion of a change in language use. I’ll be an ambassador for continuous improvement and aim to be an exemplar to others.

What do you think?