It’s not the year we expected it to be. We had high hopes for the first year of the 20s but it’s brought in to sharp focus our needs, wants, tolerances and priorities. It’s highlighted inequalities in the way we treat our fellow human beings and it’s shone a spotlight on the difference between bigger picture thinkers and the detail-orientated.

It’s also raised big questions about the culture of society and it’s drivers: colour and money over humanity, and me over you. The chasm between those who think that wearing a face mask is about government control and oppression, and those who think it is about furtherance of the human race and prevention of extinction grows ever wider. Correlation between Trumpism, Brexitism and anti-maskism will surely be the subject of many a PhD in the years to come

I suspect 2021 will totter in like a newborn lamb and deliver much of the same as 2020. I would guess that working from home, alternative use of office blocks, and increased innovation in dig-social to compensate for disti-social will feature in the list of ‘things that happened in 2021’. But I hope that the year will roar out like a lion, in a party to end all parties, where people can dance and hug and be safe in the knowledge that choosing ‘you over me’ was the right thing to do

Happy new year to you all