On the train heading home for the weekend. I’ve listened to the Welsh accents that I didn’t notice for 40 something years and thought how foreign they now sound. I’ve listened to the conversations of the people coming and going and thought about how different life is in different places.

And it struck me how different I will be when I eventually go home.

I’m a great advocate of travelling and living away from home, of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures, ways of thinking and ways of working. These experiences broaden your horizons and expand your understanding of how the pieces of the world fit together, and how the kindness and compassion of the people of the world are the glue that keep it together.

If you ever have the chance to experience different parts of the world, go for it, I say. Remember your family and remember your roots. Put your anchor down in the place that you call home, so that wherever you go in the world, you can come back, before heading off again to explore some more