Going to the office is a bit of a treat.

It’s the day I buy coffee from a shop, eat sushi for lunch and sometimes stop for an ice cream on the way home. I get to chat with people I rarely see and pop to the shop with people I like.

Organisational leaders will have their work cut out to please everybody in the Big Return.

Some people will want 1 day in the office and some will want 3 days at home. Others will want longer days and less of them and others will want it Zoom free.

I suspect the transition from now to then will be long and arduous and will take talking, listening, planning, adapting and compromise.

I hope we all have managers that are able to accommodate the things we need, so that coming to the office continues to feel like a bit of an adventure.

Where we don’t, I hope we’re able to move to organisations that reflect our values and allow us to work in the way that suits us best.

I hope we take the good things from the Before into the New Normal. I hope we have open minds and kind words for the people that are going to be doing their best to navigate us through.

It will be a a choppy crossing to the Digital Age through this covid tide. There may yet be some big waves to come…