Today I had the privilege of joining a webinar hosted by Action for Happiness with Daniel Goleman. Such a knowledgeable and interesting person. Here are some things I took away…

1. Be the change. Don’t be the bystander that acquiesces to poor behaviour. Speak up and be counted

2. Emotional intelligence isn’t just about individuals and groups, it’s about whole systems. We need to create emotionally intelligent systems that recognise impacts and the domino effect of actions and reactions, and how they ripple outwards, well beyond view and reach.

3. Extend the space between receiving and responding. Use mindful practice to strengthen your brain’s capacity to consider and reflect before responding. Give yourself the best opportunity to respond thoughtfully, wisely and appropriately.

4. Model the behaviour you want to see in others. Be the person that speaks out, be the person that considers their impact on others. Uphold your standards, even if louder voices have lower standards than yours and try and talk you down.

It’s 25 years since Daniel Goleman wrote his iconic book. Buy the anniversary edition here