Over the last 4 years I’ve been the new kid in lots of contexts. Jobs, volunteering roles, geographies and homes.

Every new beginning has been facilitated by the preparation and kindness of others and here’s what I’ve learned……

Plan new people’s induction and welcome around Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Start with the kitchen, toilets, access codes and where to put their coats and cars

Then introduce them to people who can help them manoeuvre their environment and access resources

Next bring them up to speed on relationships beyond the immediate sphere so that they understand who’s who, the politics and the Politics

Then move on to the intellectual challenge of getting to understand the business: the strategy, the mission, the money and the constricts

When we don’t start from the foundation of human needs and try and flip the hierarchy, people feel small, marginalised and out on a limb

I’ve learnt so much from the people who haven’t done this well and so much more from the people who have!

Wikipaedia: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs