I haven’t blogged for 2 days. And this is technically not a blog. It’s a can’t-blog, won’t-blog, non-blog. When they say it’s ok not to be ok, I’m stretching that to include blogging. My brain feels a bit like it has nothing in it right now, you know?

I don’t feel thoughtful, or inspirational or even the slightest smidge interesting. I haven’t done anything fancy, I haven’t been anywhere nice. I’ve got nothing to write home about.

The best thing that’s happened this week is that an old school friend shared a photo he found on Facebook and there, amongst the boys on tour from St Davids RFC to Ireland in the 60s is my grandad, 3 uncles and my dad. And it’s made my smile all week.

I like it because it’s not contrived or ‘stand here like this’, say cheese… it’s 30 men and boys together, smiling because they’re having an adventure. I like it because it’s only my dad and one uncle left.

So maybe I do feel more bloggy than I thought today. What’s my message? Take joy in the little things. When everything’s samey and you hardly leave your house, take joy where you find it

You don’t have to be a trailblazing, maverick every day. Some days you can just be ordinary!