It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Not the kind of exhausting when you’ve spent a 16 hour shift caring for patients in Intensive Care. It’s a different kind of exhausting.

It’s like when you’ve been on a long car journey and done nothing but sit and watch road signs.

When I first started doing virtual meetings, I used to joke and say I felt like I was hyperventilating, but I recently read an article that said you do actually perform and enunciate to the camera in a way that you wouldn’t to a room full of 3D humans. So I wasn’t joking after all!

What can we do to help ourselves in this situation?

  • maintain a regular sleep pattern
  • drink plenty of water
  • eat plenty of fruit and veg
  • get outside
  • move more
  • speak to people that make us laugh
  • vary tasks in a day
  • escape in a book or tv show
  • meditate
  • plan something to look forward to

But, we all knew these things, didn’t we? Just because we know doesn’t make it easy.

On a day when you’re feeling energised, be the person that laughs with someone that’s exhausted. And when they’re energised and you’re exhausted, they’ll repay your kindness

As the saying goes, we’re all in the same storm!