It’s Friday and I’m feeling in reflective mood because I’ve realised 3 very important things:

  1. Sharing learning is important.

As you climb the career ladder your experiences, good or bad, shape what you do and how you do it. To be in a role that allows you to draw from those experience and share what you’ve learnt means that it was all worth it, after all! That cumulative learning you’ve been storing grows wings: to be able to share it with others is a joy.

  1. Being sad is not ok.

When you can’t be the leader and manager you want to be, it makes you sad. But you don’t realise just how sad until you ‘can’ be that person again. Being in a sad place in your work should be a momentary blip; a part of your journey to something better. If better doesn’t comes, it’s not the right place for you. As the adage says, if the price of work is your wellbeing, the price is too high.

  1. Nurturing others is a privilege.

Being able to nurture and help build the confidence of people who don’t know how capable they are is a privilege. To those leaders who hold out their hands to guide people up the ladder behind them, I say a very big thank you. Leaders who know when to lead from the front and know when to lead from the back are not always credited with the impact they have, but they’re the ones we remember.