Working from home when it’s only you is relentless. If you’re lucky you’ll have a pet to tell to be quiet on a regular basis but equally you may spend your working day alone with your virtual colleagues

From 8am-8pm it’s just me, doggy and virtual colleagues. I’m finding the constant concentration and lack of light relief taking its toll. I’m missing the intermittent breaks that saying hi to that colleague passing through the office offers or someone asking if I want tea or coffee. There’s no diversion, no distraction and no respite between tasks. Here are a few suggestions to help break up the intensity of the day…

1- Stop for a drink-break mid morning and do a short meditation

2- before you have lunch, dance for 10 minutes (dance like there’s nobody watching!)

3- at the beginning of every virtual meeting, ask people how they’re doing and finish your social conversation without feeling guilty when others join in

4- when the working day is over, close the laptop, turn off the lights and walk away.

5- switch off and practice self care in the evening, whether that be walking the dog, doing yoga, cooking or watching a movie