Now that I’m not leaving my home very much, I’m finding that its function is expanding. I’m finding myself likening my home to a spaceship….

I’m sure like me you’ve watched movies of people living in spaceships or travelling around galaxies for years and year and spotted that their spaceship is their home, office and their social space.

I’m noticing that home is now the location for everything that I do. Working, eating, exercising, relaxing, socialising, shopping – it’s all done under this roof! Staying in really is the new going out!!

I’ve been wondering if future homes will be different and whether architects are already planning homes with gyms, offices and cinemas. Will these rooms no longer be the luxury of the rich but the necessity of us all?

I saw a van yesterday with an advert on the side for growing indoor plants via hydroponics. My spaceship would be complete!

Maybe we won’t be building homes of bricks and mortar in the future, maybe we’ll go straight to designing multifunctional spaceships!