I had a thought….. Going to work is tiring. I don’t mean in a burnout kind of way, I mean more in a fitness kind of way.

We all recognise that we spent two years walking no further than the circumference of our house five or six times a day, with the odd dog walk here and there, but did we really realise that work was a physical ask as well as a mental ask on our bodies?

We have to walk to the car, put our bags in and out, walk up stairs carrying our dumbbell bags. Then walk to the loo, and the kitchen, walk to the shop for lunch, walk back to the car with our dumbbells. And do it all again tomorrow! It all adds up to quite a bit of movement!

Do you remember that we used to do this five days a week? Our pre-covid lifestyles made us incidentally fitter. Never once did I think that my bag, as heavy as it always was, was incidental weight training, nor did I think having to park the car away from the sandwich shop was Nordic walking in disguise!

Getting back into the swing of physically going to work in the office is going to take some time to get use to! Am I complaining? No. Definitely not! We need this incidental movement for our health and wellbeing. We know the negative impacts a sedentary life has on us, so going back to the office isn’t simply beneficial for team building and positive mental health. It’s good for physical health too!

So walk those stairs, use that standing desk, park as far from the shop as you can and make sure your bags are equally balanced to give you a free workout!

Here’s wishing you a weekend of relaxation and movement with no aches and pains. I hope that next week you continue to benefit from the movement that office working gives, balanced with the benefits of home working and no commute!