Back in January, I blogged about the necessity of having a Plan B. If you go to my website and search Plan B, it’ll be there at the top of the list

I talked about the importance of having a back up plan if your current work plan didn’t well, go to plan!

I thought I’d break my ideas down and be more specific

  1. Acknowledge that you’re not irreplaceable. Even if there’s only one of you in your company or the country, they will find someone else. Guaranteed
  2. Being shifted off your plan A could open up a world of new opportunities. Be ready to consider the unexpected opportunity that pops onto your plate
  3. Be wedded to your own well-being and professional development first and your organisation second. Always be at the top of your list of most important things. Put your oxygen mask on first.
  4. Don’t get upset, get excited. Expect the unexpected. Be shocked not surprised. Always be ready to make a change, even if it’s not one you were expecting. Flex and pivot. Keep your dancing shoes close!
  5. Plan B must contain schedule M – money. Be clear about what you must do and what you can do in plan B. Accept that money isn’t everything but it sure stops you from going hungry.

Plan B could end up being Plan Brilliant!