I was recently asked what the most important piece of professional advice I’ve ever received had been.

I didn’t blink and said there were two things, not one

Low and Slow
Many years ago, I had a #mentoring session with Alison Ward, a wise Chief Executive and recently retired. I asked her about how she dealt with challenging conversations in a predominantly male dominated CEO/Executive arena. She said make your voice low and speak slow. Low, so that you maintain the outward appearance of calm, and slow, so that you can give yourself time to think and respond.

Follow your moral compass
I also had a brief mentoring session with the equally wise Sue Evans, now CEO at Social Care Wales, and I recall her words – “follow your moral compass”. It’s held me in good stead in deciding when to stay and when to walk away (and when to run) from managers and organisations. It’s also guided me in championing psychological safety for others.

What pearls of professional wisdom have benefitted you?