Today I was blown away by the impact of a conversation.

Having felt down, miserable and generally incompetent at everything, today I found myself having an unexpected conversation about something I love and something I’m good at!

It made me think about how fragile our mental health is and how a situation or a conversation can put us under a dark cloud or raise us up.

Please remember:

  • Situations are only temporary
  • Practice self care when you need to, even if you don’t want to
  • Seek out the people that raise you up
  • Your job is only a part of who you are
  • That email might not have been written in the way you read it
  • Whether you connect on zoom or face to face is less important than making that connection
  • We can’t be good at everything but we can be awesome at some things
  • Today’s front page is tomorrow’s chip paper.
  • Tomorrow might just be better
  • Chocolate is always a good answer