Today, I’m reminded how quickly professional situations can change and the unexpected can hit you between the eyes. The economy is at a crossroads and some businesses are changing and adapting whilst others are bring down the shutters for the last time

A couple of years ago my job was disestablished. I was shocked but not surprised. For the two years previous, I’d been restructuring and disestablishing roles in my service, myself. I lived by the motto of ‘if they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you’. So I always had a Plan B in my back pocket for when/if my time came.

I was lucky. My Plan B worked out. But you never know when you’ll need another Plan B. My advice to anyone in any role, job, career or profession is to always have a Plan B in your back pocket, especially if paying the bills relies on you.

Have a strategy and an action plan in mind of what you would do if the rug was pulled from under you. Think broadly, be adaptable and flexible and be ready to do what you need to survive and thrive

I wish everybody facing an uncertain future today good luck, resilience and strength with their Plan B!