“Just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy!”

“I’d rather it be right than be right now!”

Two phrases that came to mind today…

Simple and easy: we make decisions and often don’t include people who have to implement our decisions in our discussions.

Through my research, people told me that strategic level disconnect was a real problem.

People working at the strategic level of organisations are often seen as disconnected from everybody else and make decisions that have unforeseen impact. Inclusive decision making was seen as a fix.

Right and right now: I’m a stickler for deadlines but even I tend to prefer right over right now. That may be simple, but not always easy! When you have complicated governance structures in place, that definitely isn’t easy.

Processes have to have a lot of give in them for deadlines to be flexed. Sometimes you have to live with right now over perfect!

My other favourite is ‘it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it’, but that’s another story for another day! (I hope you sang that to the Bananarama tune!)