I can’t believe I’ve been in my new job 2 months.

At the end of the first month, I reflected on the things that had been important to me, which were: patience, storytelling, confidence, trust and kindness.

At the end of this second month, I thought I’d reflect on this next stage of norming. The watchwords for month two are…

ALMOST: things are starting to fall into place and I understand the context and thread of almost everything. I’ll have an idea and almost be able to identify all of the jigsaw pieces. Almost is progress from rarely and nearly as far as always!

SOMETIMES: I think I’ve understood the thread but not every time. Sometime there will be a history or a piece of the puzzle that I know nothing about. Sometimes is better than never and sometimes is on the journey to often!

AGAIN: when I’ve almost understood and sometimes got it, I still need people to explain it to me again. But these occasions are becoming less. I’m more familiar with names and faces and acronyms. I aspire to be the one that’s asked to say it again some day soon!

It’s ok to be new and to be making progress. Never compare yourself to other people whose experience might be very different to yours.

If you’re new to your role like me, remember that you’re just at the start of your journey. Almost, sometimes and again are milestones in your journey. What’s important is that you contribute what you can, be helpful when you can and most importantly, enjoy your journey of discovery

If you’re new to your role, I hope it’s going well!