Had a really interesting morning at TEDxCroydon listening to inspirational speakers talking about…

* …the need to extend teaching methodology to include greater outdoor and experiential learning opportunities (Jordan Wylie MBE)
* …how learning from failure is the spice of life and perseverance is the secret ingredient (Suleman Raza MBE)
* …the fact that actually we don’t only live once, we live every day. No matter where bombs and adversity strike, we can start again and build greatness from the ashes (Patrick Monahan)
* …the importance of the pause to give ourselves space to let the creativity and light in, and to give others the opportunity to shine (Neil Jurd OBE)
* …how assumptions and misinformation derail the diversity and inclusion agenda and how being influenced by a broader range of perspectives will offer an improved learning experience (Asif Sadiq MBE)
* …how personal challenges can be overcome by support from family, friends, colleagues, and most importantly your own tenacity, resilience and determination (Ruban Pillai)

Thanks to all the speakers and curator, Khuram Zubair!