The struggle to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion is an uphill one

The dichotomy of the push and pull between the voters who want separatism and the organisations who want integration is real and tangible.

Over the last few years we’ve seen Trump, Brexit and now the devastation in Gaza. The notion of ‘them and us’ is everywhere.

As Adam Grant said, we want to fit in but we want to stand out. We pick a side and become the fanatic so we fit in and we stand out. Sides are polarised and objectivity, reason and humanity become the foreigners.

Try and align that with organisations striving for equality, diversity and inclusion. The voters that voted from their separatist and nimbyist positions, work somewhere, live somewhere, socialise somewhere…

Whilst so many fight for equality, diversity and inclusion, it’s not just the inside of organisations we have to fix, it’s the wider society beyond.