Over breakfast this morning, I listened to the amazing Brené Brown interview with Simon Sinek. (Access it here) It made me think about the things I’ve played as finite games, when really I should have been playing with an infinite mindset.

One of the big things on my horizon is my doctoral oral exam. I went in to my doctorate with a clear determination to win the game – to get that doctorate and tick it off my to-do list. I had no intention of ‘doing’ anything with it at the end.

As time has gone on, the win has become less important, and being a part of the infinite learning game has become my Just Cause.

Whether I pass or fail my oral exam, the impact on my learning will be limited. (The impact on my mental wellbeing and ego will be significant!!) What I’ve learned about studying, researching, and self-awareness and leader effectiveness will always be with me, whether the exam is won or lost.

From my studies I’ve become curious about what the philosophers, academics and thought leaders are saying about stuff and I’ve realised that I too think a lot, about stuff! Stuff seems more accessible in our increasingly virtual world. Now, I blog and share this stuff with you so that we can all shine a little bit brighter and keep reaching for the stars!