I’m getting the sense that things are winding down for the end of the financial year and people are recharging their batteries. I’m noticing lots of people using up the annual leave that they didn’t take over the summer and Christmas because, well, what was the point??

Things are being tidied up in readiness for the end of the months and people are looking forward to the long bank holiday. There are hopes of good weather, a few spring flowers and sitting outside in the sunshine.

It doesn’t feel like anyone’s really ready to talk about 21/22 yet and they’re just glad of the fact that we made it through 20/21 alive.

Sadly not every one of our family, friends and colleague with whom we entered the year, arm in arm, are still here with us at the end.

I’ve used the term ‘covid pause’ a lot in 20/21 and it feels right to use it again now. Let’s plan and prepare for 21/22 as best we can but let’s allow ourself a covid pause to do some #selfcare, get some rest and recharge. April will come soon enough.

I wish you all a healthy and restful end to 20/21 and a healthier, happier, forgiving 21/22 where self awareness and effective leadership empowers kindness and compassion at all levels

Happy Friday!