I’ve been thinking about what to blog today and no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve come up with nothing. I’m just too tired. And then I realised, I have a poem for that!

Now, I know it’s not Monday, but I think you’ll still like it…. so here it is. Written on the 30th November 2015, nearly 5 years ago!!


Not tired, like needing more sleep,

When all you can do is weep,

Not achey, like walking too far,

When all you want is the car.

Not exhausted, like cleaning the shed,

When it’s dark and you’re wishing for bed,

Not worn out, like travelling all night,

When it’s scary and dark with no light,

Not weary, like shopping for shoes,

When nothing’s in navy just blues,

Not drained, like laughing too much

When your mascara’s running and such

Tired, like a battery at zero,

When you’ve gone from zero to hero.

Achey, like a hammer on nails,

When you have no more wind in your sails.

Exhausted, like an empty sugar bowl,

When there’s no nectar left in the soul.

Worn out, like a familiar brief case,

When it’s telling all over your face.

Weary, like the man in the moon,

When the day ends too soon.

Drained, like the last drop from the pot,

When you’ve given it all that you’ve got

Sleep well, friends! Get yourself some well earned R&R!