Today I had my first vaccine injection and I’m surprised at the mix of emotions I feel.

I’m extraordinarily grateful for the scientists that have devoted their lives to their profession and have developed this vaccine for us. I’m also grateful to the professionals who have downed-tools to run clinics and deliver these vaccines to us.

I feel incredibly fragile because of potential immediate and long term reactions to this vaccine. The impact it will have in ten years is an unknown and we wait with baited breath and hope for the best.

I’m in anticipation of the end of this era so that we can once again explore, visit, meet, hug, sing and play. I long for the time that we will be able to talk face to face in small, close huddles, and giggle and laugh without a care.

Whatever the next year and the years beyond bring, I hope we move forward with a renewed faith in science, an affinity with our neighbours and a global kindness. Let’s be ready for the next challenge and meet it with intelligent leadership, focussed determination, a clarity of values and a humanity of heart