The first few weeks of 2021 have been hard on us all. I, like many, have been feeling down, unmotivated, bored and boring. But, the lighter days and peek of sunshine we’ve had over the last week has made a real difference. That and the news of a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel makes it feels as if the weight of burden is lifting.

Today I reminded myself how good it is to revel in other people’s joy.

Yesterday my husband was offered a promotion and I felt extremely proud of his meteoric rise, in the space of 18 months.

Today I was told that a colleague has a new puppy. I’ve made a special request for him/her to attend our next meeting under AOB.

Joy doesn’t have to be singularly yours to make an impact. A little bit of joy, wherever it lands, has the potential to spread its rays beyond the immediate recipient. Emotions are contagious, and being firmly ensconced in a zoom-room doesn’t make them less so.

Covid has impacted us all, but through it, we’ve all felt a little ray of joy, for one reason or another.

Next time my day feels like a heavy burden enveloped in a stifling cloud, I’ll check in with my colleagues and see if I can rub shoulders with their happiness and vicariously share a little bit of their joy. 💫