I’m taking the afternoon off today because I’d put some podcast interviews in my diary thinking I wouldn’t be working. You see, a few months ago I explored the idea of working a 9 day fortnight: 10 days worth of hours into 9 slightly longer days. But right at the last minute I got cold feet.

You see, I was trying to give myself an extra day in the week so that I could do my volunteering work without it impacting on my work-work. But I realised what I was actually doing was trying to work 11 days in 10.

The little voice in my head said ‘that’s the road to #burnout, no?’ And I answered and said, ‘yes you’re right’.

So now I work 5 days in 5 days and podcast, blog and write around those days to make sure I have energy and thoughts left to do a bit of yoga, a bit of shopping, cooking, playing with my dog and annoying my husband

Sometimes saying no is saying yes!