I’ve been thinking about ‘the Next New Normal’, now that the country is opening back up and we’re talking about face to face meetings and desks and who will go where….

When we talked about the New Normal before, we were in the midst of a lockdown and unable to do so many of the things we were used to. The Next New Normal might be different…

I have this hunch, that our work and social structure in the Before grew like that because we wanted it to. We didn’t want it all, of course, but to get to the bit we really wanted we acquiesced to the rest.

We complained yet we commuted anyway. We complained yet we worked in miserable jobs anyway. We complained yet we stayed for a measly pay anyway.

My hypothesis is, that for the Next New Normal to be truly different to the Before, there have to be things that we complained about and won’t do anyway. Not any more. What did we all collectively dislike about the Before enough to refuse to return to in the Next?

I’m interested to know!

Answers on an eCard?!