Every day there’s a new article about retuning to work. There are polls galore seeking the definitive answer to the future of work location. Company leaders are making declarations on which side of the fence they sit and pragmatists are seeking a middle ground that offers a better home-life, work-life balance.

I thought then, that I should probably have a serious think about what an ideal new normal might look.

I have this idea of a two week rotation of 3 office days and 2 office days, meaning it’s an absolute 50:50, home to office split across the span of a fortnight.

I’ve also been thinking about which days those might be.

I’ve always loved working a Friday. Team spirit is created on a Friday! That sense of ‘well if it’s not done now it won’t be done until Monday’, ‘we did our best’ is warm, generous and palpable. Fridays feel like the end of term every week. Cakes at 11am and coffee at 3pm. I’d definitely recommend being in the office every Friday!

I’m pretty sure this won’t be easy because social distancing won’t go away any time soon, but even small groups working together on Fridays will start to rebuild connections.

One workplace’s aberration is another’s new normal!