Tomorrow we are off to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. If you’ve ever been or you’re a petrol head like me, you’ll know just how exciting this is!

Except I’m not excited. I’d forgotten all about it. My husband had to remind me three times last week that ‘no you can’t do that on Saturday, we’re in Goodwood, remember?’.

I’ve reflected on other instances where I’ve been so preoccupied by my work that the big events and big plans coming up haven’t registered. I haven’t got the suit case ready and I haven’t ordered enough migraine tablets to take. I haven’t washed the socks and I don’t know where the second pair of sandals are.

I’ve tried to remember when this started to happen. When did the things which I work for become the interruptions in my work plan? And I just don’t know.

I’m sure this will resonate with many people and I suspect that the pandemic tipped the balance from working to live to living to work.

So, I’m making a resolution with myself, a half year resolution I guess, to remember that work is just a part of what we do and who we are. An important and enjoyable and rewarding part, of course – but a part nevertheless. I’m going to enjoy my work more and I’m going to enjoy my life outside work more. One will influence the other and I’ll be a better colleague for it.

We must remember about the big events and get excited about our future plans.

And we must find those sandals!!