In 2019BC (before covid) we had mastered the fine art of organising meetings, giving ourselves (just) enough time to travel between meetings and attend them whilst sitting next to and across the table from our colleagues

Between 2019DC (during covid) and 2022DC, we mastered the art of putting 30 minute meetings in diaries, clicking to join them 30 seconds before the start time and giving ourselves no time to nip to the loo or grab a cup of tea

Now we’re emerging into the PC (post covid) years we need to acknowledge that going back to how it was before is an unrealistic prospect. We need to work out how to capitalise on all the good things we’ve learned BC and DC and put them all together. We need to….

  • organise meetings that have both physical and virtual attendance options
  • give ourselves time between meetings to travel between locations, nip to the loo and grab a cup of tea
  • generate time for incidental and spontaneous conversations when we’re face to face and not over-engineer our diaries with digital alternatives to fill the void
  • accept that PC will not be like BC and that DC will forever impact the way we live and work