Have you ever written your own job description? I don’t mean amended the JD for the job you’re doing, I mean written the JD of your ultimate job!

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be coached by Mike Roarty. Mike asked me to identify my strengths and my values. It was a really great exercise in #reflection and #selfawareness

From that, writing my ultimate JD seemed like a natural step.

From there I was able to develop a strengths and values matrix by which to ‘score’ the JDs of any and all future vacancies.

It’s a really enlightening exercise and it makes you take back control. You stop applying for jobs that are available and start looking for jobs that are just right for you!

Have a look at Mike’s book! Have a think about your strengths and values and start judging potential opportunities by your standards!

Tell me what you discover!

The Strengths-Focused Guide to Leadership by Mike Roarty