I’ve always struggled with this idea of needing experience to get experience.

When you apply for a new jobs it’s generally because you want to move onwards and upwards or you need a change. So, it’s fairly unlikely that you’ll be applying for a job that’s identical to the one you’re doing now, or one you’ve done before.

Job descriptions and job adverts however, seem to want you to have done the job before and ideally be doing it right now

There seems to be a mismatch between what recruiters want and what applicants have.

I think recruiters need to think more broadly and find out things like…

  • What have you done before?
  • What could you do in the future?
  • What is important to you?
  • How capable are you of learning?
  • How do you behave and communicate?
  • What do you do to help others achieve?
  • What are your thoughts about what we do here?

At some point, recruiters need to take a leap of faith