The festive break is over and it’s back to work we go. But it’s been an excellent chance to get some serious study time in. With my husband working days, evenings and weekends, I’ve ignored the washing up, the hoovering and the laundry and spent days and days pouring over my computer. And I’ve finally managed to get my methodology and findings chapters done!! They may not be to the level of detail that they need to be and the sections may not all be in the right order, but it’s all there. It’s on the page!!

My New Year’s resolution is to complete the writing, reviewing, revision and rewriting by December so that by the end of 2020, the final draft is ready for scrutiny. So weekend frolics and seeing the sights of good old London Town will have to take a back seat until 2021. This year will be the year of the thesis!

Wish me luck!

Happy new year!