When I designed my questionnaire I was adamant that it would be quantitative only with no opportunity to add in unruly free text! But my supervisor suggested I should add a comments box at the end because you often get very interesting feedback and views shared. And I’m so glad I did!

I check my questionnaire responses every day and every day without fail, I see that another responder has added another comment.

From the comments I’m getting a definite feeling that people think there is a connection between self awareness and leadership effectiveness. It’s also very clear that people being managed by people low in self awareness are are feeling very unhappy. There are some comments which share information about people who have experienced both self aware and un-self-aware managers and the different in impact on staff wellbeing is marked.

I think that the comments left by respondents will form a distinct part of my findings chapter and maybe my staunchly quantitative study may find itself with a mixed-methods twist after all!!