Welcome to the Discovery Series Part 9. In this blog, I’m going to talk about…

• Technical skills and capabilities alongside emotions and behaviours

• Organisational standards and processes

TECHNICAL SKILLS AND CAPABILITIES / EMOTIONS AND BEHAVIOURS: It became clear that workplace skills were considered hard – technical skills and capabilities, or soft – emotions and behaviours. History initially identifies technical skills and capabilities as being more important but as time progresses, emotions and behaviours are raised up as being more important than technical skills and capabilities. You can read more about the importance of emotions and behaviours in the workplace in the books by Daniel Goleman

ORGANISATIONAL STANDARDS: People told me that some organisational standards still view technical skills and capabilities as more important than emotions and behaviours. Some people are promoted because of their technical skills and capabilities, but they have poor behaviours, people skills and lack emotion. This means that some people at the strategic level aren’t able to build effective teams and relationships, and cannot justify the decisions they make because they can’t communicate effectively