I know it’s interesting but I didn’t think so many other people would too!!

One of the deals I made with myself when I started this doctorate was that my topic had to keep me interested for the duration of the 6 years of the course. That was how my focus initially honed in on self-awareness. I figured that it would give me a licence to people watch for 6 years! My interest in leadership came second. It was about funnelling my interest in self-awareness into an area of more specific research. The interest in job levels happened separately. I originally developed my idea about my job levels framework through talking about professional development with my colleagues. So to be able to bring it into my study and make it the third leg of my topic was a huge boon.

I’ve had a number of people contacting me after they’ve completed my research questionnaire to tell me how interesting the subject is. It’s both surprised me and delighted me! I really hope that my work will be useful and used when it’s done. It’s always been my goal to develop information and resources that are useful at the end of all of this hard work!!