Today has been quite a revelation!

I’ve spent the last few weekends transcribing my interviews. Today I started analysing them. Even though I conducted the interviews and transcribed them, i hadn’t really fully understood what each of my interviewees had been saying. Today I re-read them all with the intention of understanding their meaning, not just their words. Once you take out the white noise and step back – look at each of the interview question responses as a whole – it’s fascinating what they’re actually saying! And reading the 8 interviews in succession has been, well, great fun. And quite exciting!! Themes are popping off the page where I hadn’t noticed them to be before! There are definite trends appearing and the words impact, disconnect, trust, confidence and power are the watchwords of the day!!

I’m looking forward to doing a second layer of analyses and seeing what the picture looks like when I finish this jigsaw puzzle!