I was aiming for December but it may be more like May!!!

Yesterday I wrote the conclusion of the conclusion. The very last page. It did feel very strange yet incredibly positive. My supervisor said he thought I could submit in May rather than December, and who am I to argue?! So it’s a very big push to get everything on the page.

Yesterday’s focus was finishing the conclusion chapter and then going back and reviewing all of the introductions and conclusions of each chapter. I’d watched a YouTube video by the fabulous Tara Brabazon a few days before and wanted to ensure my intro and endings did the whole ‘tell them what you’ve told them/ tell them what you’re going to tell them’ v ‘tell them what you’ve told them/tell them what you’re going to tell them’ thing! And now they do!

My next hurdle is to go back and write chapter 1. I’ve asked Tara for advice and there’s some good guidance on the PhD Proofreaders site. So wish me luck as I embark on the beginning to bring it all to an end!

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