In researching self awareness and leader effectiveness, Resonant Leadership appeared as being the leadership model of key relevance.

Self awareness is often seen as interchangeable with emotional intelligence, and Resonant Leadership is based on emotional intelligence. So, it made sense to pin my research to a Resonant Leadership mast.

To be a Resonant Leader you need to be in sync with people around you and able to tune in to their thoughts and emotions. You are empathetic, empower others and view emotions as contagious. You value positive inter-relationships and recognise that emotions impact work performance.

Boyatzis and McKee (2006) say it has 4 dimensions: self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationship management, which fit with my 3 layer definition of self awareness.

The literature says that resonant leadership is positively correlated with lower levels of anxiety, emotional exhaustion and stress for staff.

In a time when the emotions of fear, frustration, isolation, hope and longing impact every workforce in every country, maybe we should be talking more about Resonant Leadership? We need to support each other to be the best Reaonant Leader we can, whenever we can.