My thesis is complete. It is done. It is submitted!

After 4 years of reading, learning, writing, revising, critiquing and wanting to throw in the towel, it’s written. It may need refinement and editing but all of the sections are now on a page and the whole thing has been written once. The contents pages are in the right place, the acknowledgements page is written, the abstract has been put together. Every chapter has an introduction and a conclusion, and recommendations have been made.

What a sensation – of relief, joy and loss all in one. The culmination of a goal and the flight of a best friend.

There are many hurdles to jump yet, but this main goal of writing a thesis focussed on self-awareness, leader effectiveness and leadership at all levels of the Welsh public service is done. The next stage is in the hands of the examiners!

I raise my hat and bow to everyone who has taken on a large piece of research whilst working full time and I salute your achievements.

Congratulations to us all for getting this far. We’ve run the marathon, now let’s see if we get the medal at the end!