Isn’t it strange, how once you bump into an idea, that idea keeps following you around? I guess it’s a bit like when you’ve bought a yellow car and you start seeing them everywhere!

I was re-reading my thesis and I was reminded that Brewer and Gardner (1996) say that we are constructed on three levels: personal (internal), relational (dyadic) and collective (group or organisation).

Rasheed et al. (2019) consider self-awareness to be intrapersonal, relational and extra- personal.

Reading Tasha Eurich’s book #insight on the train, she also talks about organisational self awareness.

In work for the last week or so, I’ve been involved in conversations about these same three layers!

I’ll call them

  • individual
  • relational
  • organisational

If you had to do a self assessment of your organisation, do you think it would have awareness of theses three layers?

If so, do you think it operates and plans whilst taking account of them all?

I’d really be interested to know what you think