I’m a J. A planner, an organiser and an arrive early at a meetinger. COVID, working from home and virtual meetings have changed the parameters of all of that. It used to be that you needed 20 minutes to get between meeting, to walk down the corridor or up two flights of stairs and get to the seat not too near the front but not too near the draughty window. But now, getting to meetings means 30 seconds to click leave and click on the link for the next meeting. There are pros and cons of course.

Between meetings you have no down time, no 5 minutes to grab a glass of water and no time to process the last meeting before you need to switch your thought to the agenda of the next one. You have to retain all of your thoughts until after meeting number three when you have to reflect on them all together.

This means that peer support and team briefs are even more important as a way to reflect, process and sense check. Please take time out to give your mind the opportunity to recalibrate your thoughts, and protect your self from burnout.