I’ve recently finished this incredibly interesting book. I was drawn to it because of its focus on #selfawareness, of course, but it wasn’t at all written from the perspective I expected!

This book talks about the neurology of #selfawareness – literally, what happens in the human #brain that makes us aware of “being aware of being aware of being” (pg 9)

It talks about the important discoveries that have been made using fMRI machines of the role of the brain’s prefrontal cortex in giving us that most human of awareness levels.

It shares experiment findings and talks about what happens when a human suffers damage or degeneration to the brain

It goes all the way to discussing #artificialintelligence and the potential and challenges of creating self aware #robots!

If like me, you’re interested in brain function, you’ll find this book super interesting. It’s one you’ll want to read once to know the story and read once again to really understand the technicalities!!

Brilliant book!!