Towards the end of May I posted about the benefits of having difficult conversations. Then, I was predominantly talking about having those conversation down the line, with people you manage

But how about having difficult conversations up the line?

My husband is a master at this and I love hearing his stories about the feedback he’s given people, their reaction and long term positive changes

So, I asked him, how do you do it?

He said “Be honest and respectful”.

Honest- because ignoring difficult situation and telling little lies about “I’m fine” can only take you so far in this world. If you want to go further and live with purpose, honesty is the best policy.

Respectful – your respect for others must always reach your high standards. Let your respectfulness reflect on your moral code, not theirs. Model respectful behaviour to get respectful behaviour.

The only thing I’d add is courage…

Courage – speaking truth to power takes confidence and courage. Draw that confidence from wherever you need to. Wrestle with your inner demon that says ‘let it go’ end follow your moral compass. When you know it needs to be said, you know. You have to dig deep to find the courage to help you do what’s right

Good luck with having difficult conversations upwards. I’ve got your back!!