The Friday Pulse has a Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework. Here are some of my thoughts connecting self awareness and leader effectiveness to the framework…

CONNECT: connect with people even when it’s not about actions and deadlines. Remind people that you are a caring and considerate leader who has their health and well-being in mind. Make the conversation about them not what they do

BE FAIR: For 1 week take a reading of how you’re feeling at the beginning, middle and end of the day. Take time to recognise what those emotions and feelings are and name them.

EMPOWER: empower others by giving them responsibility for something that they don’t usually do. Show that you have trust in them and give them a chance to shine.

CHALLENGE: give yourself permission for one week to set a timetable of self care, be it yoga, meditation, Zumba, walking, running, cycling – find something that challenges you to fit self care into your day and stick to it for 5 days

INSPIRE: share something you have learnt by lived experience with others, maybe in a team meeting, over coffee, a tweet, a YouTube video, an infographic… Generate curiosity and inspire others to think differently, do differently and share their experiences on with others.