For the last few days, the bit coin mining rig in our spare room has been switched off. It has some technical glitch and my husband isn’t home to fix it right now. So, the house is once again quiet.

I know very little about bitcoin mining, but I do know the rigs run continuously, gets warm and need fans. Lots of fans, to keep the graphics cards at optimum temperature.

Lots of fans running 24/7 means a constant noise in the house.

Now, I’ve long since been a fan of quiet. I like bursts of bustle and loud music and then I like to get back to quiet.

Like so many things that you don’t notice until they’re not there, I hadn’t realised just how much noise we had at home, 24/7.

Working from home, I was with that noise, 24/7. Now that it’s not there I realise it’s impact on my working day and my sleeping night!

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I wanted to share the impact of an environment that creeps up on you, without you realising.

With the rig switched off, I have been sleeping better and my day feels less stressful. There isn’t that nagging something at the back of my mind raising my stress-level up a subtle notch.

So, when you are next in your office or your dining room or you living room or your bedroom, or wherever you are working, relaxing and resting these days, take a conscious sweep of your environment to make sure it hasn’t crept up on you.

Do a tidy up, do a move around, do a switch off.

Remind yourself what keeps you well and happy and make sure your environment facilitates both.

If not, make the change, before it changes you.