One important part of developing self awareness is comparing the views you have about yourself with the views that others have about you

Self awareness is socially constructed, which means it’s generated by being in relationships with others. You can’t really be aware of your behaviour towards others if you’re in a room on your own.

A measure of how self aware you are is the similarity of the assessment you make of yourself with the assessment others make of you.

In Part 1 I suggested that after a meeting, you could write down three words to reflect on how you think others perceived you. To expand on that you could ask a trusted colleague to write down three words about you.

Compare those words. Are there similarities? Are there differences? How far away are they? Are they poles apart?

You can also ask your trusted colleague why they chose those words and reflect on them to help you decide how you want to behave, communicate and conduct yourself next time. You may also find that we use different words to describe the same thing

Try it out. Please let me know what you find out. I’d be really interested to hear