Today I received an email. From me!

Do you remember, in December I told you that I had been introduced to a website called FutureMe that allows you to email yourself in the future? Well, today my email arrived!

I was surprised at how quickly time had passed, being that ‘same’ is the norm right now. But it was good to read the email that was upbeat and positive. It said,

Think about living mindfully – use it as a tool in your toolkit to increase happiness, increase calm, decrease stress and focus on the good stuff.

For today – challenge yourself to do 5 minutes of meditation in the middle of the day. Stop, set a Siri-timer and meditate, any time, any place, anywhere. Then think about how good it is to have mindfulness as a tool in your toolkit to be able to pick up and put down when you need.

Whatever life is throwing at you, you can cope with it. Draw on your mindfulness skills, be resilient, be self aware, get up, get on and be the best you can be

You got this!!

I think maybe we could all do with hearing that right now!!